College Education: Is It Worth It?

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College or not?
Just in the United States, there are over 3,000 universities students can choose from! Yet, each year students contemplate whether or not they should attend college—is the cost worth it? College is worth every single penny, because on average college graduates have higher salaries, have more job security, and have better career opportunities.
Think about your future family, how will you support them if you don’t find a stable job? Attaining a job that will support you in your life, whether it be for travelling, materials or experiences, is top priority to lead a successful life. Receiving a college diploma will provide a superior remuneration than that of an individual with just a highschool diploma. According to How to E-D-U, “the annual salary average differences between educational levels is staggering: High school dropouts: $18,734. High school graduates: $27,915. College grads (with a bachelor's degree): $51,206.” For this reason, it proves the point that college will increase your pay substantially. But, not only does college enlarge your salary, but it also provides job security.
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Most of these unemployed persons have only obtained their high school degree or below. Although there are unemployed college graduates, the majority of unemployed individuals do not have a college degree. “Of the 11.6 million jobs created after the Great Recession, 8.4 million went to those with at least a bachelor's degree, according to a new report from the Center on Education and the Workforce at Georgetown University.” Hence, why a university diploma will enlarge your chances of finding a stable job. Wait, there’s more—going to college will give you the skills you need to make opportunities

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