College Drinking Is A Serious Problem Essay

858 Words May 4th, 2016 4 Pages
College life is different than your regular life. Students are always meeting new people, and constantly changing their environment or surroundings. Their surroundings can play a major role in influencing their personal life. The majority of college campus contain parties, sororities/fraternities, and events that can lead students in binge drink. Some other factors that can lead students to drink are wanting to fit in or being pressured by the people they associate themselves with. With all of the uncontrollable drinking, it leads to deaths, assaults, injuries, unprotected sex, sexual abuse, health problems, and more. College drinking is a serious problem because most of the students cannot control their intake of alcohol or they tend to binge drink which can lead to consequences. Therefore, the drinking on a college campus should be limited or controlled and the age should not be lowered should remain at twenty-one. Most first-year college students tend to be overly excited for their freedom and independence. With their new found independence, students tend to become more out of control because they are able to do things without their parent permission. Therefore, they are able to do drug, for example drinking alcohol. Donatelle stated that alcohol is the most popular drug on college 's campus and 62 percent of students have been reported that they had consumed an alcoholic beverage in the past 30 days and 39 percent of all college students had binge drink. It is over…

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