College Athletes Should Be Paid Essay

1009 Words Nov 19th, 2015 null Page
“In august, a judge ruled that college athletes can be paid. That is seen as a win for college basketball players and football players”. Because many athletes may get hurt while playing college sports and won 't go on to playing pro Football or Basketball. “45% of athletes will get hurt during their first year of sports” (Chadiha). because schools permit up to 95 (maximum) in 1992 scholarships to players. Now those are reduce to just 85 which is only 10 injury difference (Chadiha). with only 15 spring practices and 85 people trying to get seen there will be a lot of injuries occurring. College athletes should be paid to play Basketball or Football Because many college Athletes get hurt in practice according to Chadiha “This spring has brought more injuries (chart). Iowa junior running back Jermelle Lewis snapped his left anterior cruciate ligament. Virginia Tech senior defensive end Jim Davis, part of the Hokies ' three-end rotation, tore his pectoral muscle.” Many of these injuries will result in time off the field, and may leads to coaches not seeing them play which will hurt their chances of becoming a pro athlete all because they played college football for free instead of getting payed to do it just incase things like this happens to them. College athletes should get payed to play sports. Many athletes get scholarships to college but in those scholarships there may be no medical expense coverage and if so it may be very little amount.” 45% of college…

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