College Athletes getting paid Annotated Bib Essay

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Marcus Miller
Mrs. Johnson
Composition 2
4 November 2014
Annotated Bibliography
Bennett, Dashiell. “Only 22 Of 120 Division I Athletic Programs Made Money Last Year.” Business Insider. Business Insider, Inc., 15 Jun. 2011. Web. 28 Oct 2014.This supports Frank Crumley’s claim that most athletic programs “work in the red.” The author also shows how football is the big money maker. Not all departments can pay their players. Therefore, it would be unfair for departments that can pay their players to do so. The figures come from the NCAA annual report of revenue and expenses for Division I sports. This is one of my main arguments against paying football players.
Bokshan, Amanda. ”Viewpoint: Why College Athletes Should Not Be Paid." USA TODAY
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Web. 2 Nov 2014. Elderman gives 21 reasons why student athletes should be paid, along with explanations of each of the 21 reasons. He uses a spread of specific examples from student athletes missing classes, to the millions of dollars the student athletes bring into the universities. Elderman believes the student athletes should be paid for their efforts on the field. One specific example is the University of Alabama, which reportedly makes $143.3 million dollars, which is more than all 30 NHL teams and 25 NBA teams. I am going to use this source for the argument to support that all student athletes should be paid for their participation in sports. If some colleges are making more than professional sports, why are the athletes not getting paid?
Florio, Mike. "Brian Kelly Thinks Payment of College Football Players is Inevitable." NBC Sports. NBC Sports.INC, 05 Feb 2014. Web. 2 Nov 2014. In this article, Mike takes facts from his interview with Notre Dame Head Football Coach Brian Kelly. Brian was asked what he thinks about collegiate athletes potentially being paid. He replied saying “I think it’s all going to come together in the right form and fashion, and we’ll see how that goes over the next year.” He was then asked if he agrees with students receiving more benefits. Kelly replied with “I DO!! I DO!!” I will use this article to take an inside approach of the topic, by having a coaches point of view of wanting the athletes to be paid will greatly supports

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