Personal Narrative: The Aspect Of College

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The aspect of college that I’m most worried about is grades. While growing up, I always believed that grades was an important part of my education, and I strived to achieve the highest grades. I was very successful in doing so in high school, and I joined honor society. I knew what I had to do to achieve those grades, but I’m worried that could change in college since I don 't know what to expect from the classes. I just hope my test anxiety doesn’t affect my performance in school. Besides grades, I hope I can meet a good group of friends since I don’t know many people from this university.

2) The part of college that I’m most excited about is meeting new friends and building experiences that will last a lifetime. In the very short amount
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There were 3 talking points that really resonated with me. The first one was that I should keep an open mind. Even though I want to become a engineer, I shouldn’t just focus on that and I should look at what different majors offer. I might even end up finding a major I like more than engineering. Similar to the one girl saying that she was only interesting in nursing when she first came to Ohio State, but then found something she liked better.The second piece of information that was that I found really useful was getting a minor in a subject if possible. This was because it helps you sell yourself to a company when applying to a job and I didn’t think about this before this lecture. The third piece of information that I found very important was getting an internship and how I could get one. Many of the students at the panel found internships from a fair they attended. I want to get an internship because it gives you experience working under a company and might help you in the future when applying for another job. The panel was extremely informative and helped me see the exploration program with a different

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