Essay on College And University Education Is Important

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A College/University education is important because it gives students the chance to learn more about themselves while learning applicable skills and knowledge for the workplace. Postsecondary is where one learns the most about oneself; their interests and preferences, their skill level, their choice of friends, because of the increase of options in everything from high school. It is also where students learn skills that will shape their career and life, and create connections that will benefit both themselves and others. Universities offer considerably more education options than high school. This variety helps students learn about themselves because they now have the ability to look at more options and discover their interests, talents, and skills. A student coming from a standard high school probably only has access to three divisions of science-physics, chemistry, and biology-while in university there are tens of different options to choose from. Anthropology and neuroscience may not be offered at the secondary level but in postsecondary education a student can discover that they may have aptitude for these subjects, and can discover that they really enjoy these subjects and want to spend their career doing just that. The same applies to the arts, most high schools only have basic arts programs while a college or university could have specific programs like Metalsmithing and Digital Painting that are not offered in high schools. The variety of learning opportunities in…

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