Collective Agreement : Union And Non Union Work Essay

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Collective agreement. That’s the biggest separation between union and non-union work places. Employee’s who work under a non-unionized work environment are subject to being employed under “management conditions.” They have no legal protections about the conditions in which they were hired, so if a manager changes his/her mind about the terms and conditions of the employment your subject to those changes. Where as in a unionized work environment you have set terms and conditions in which you were hired that must be maintained. Some of the terms and conditions that unions protect for example are wages and benefits. Being part of a union protects you from a management that “changes the conditions” of employment.
There are many benefits to being a part of a union, which is why many people join them. Unions ensure that employee’s are offered the proper health care and safety conditions in the working environment that comes from proper training. They will ensure that there is better coverage over accidents over non unionized work places, that includes helping navigate and fight for worker compensation if needed.
Another big reason that many employees join unions is for a defensive position. If an issue arises while you are part of a union you can bring the issue to the union and the union will address the proper channels, were as if you are not part of the union, the employee has to address the proper channels-alone. Which will most likely end being a waste of time since it will…

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