Collaboration Of The Emergency Management Field Essay

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Case Study: Collaboration in Emergency Management Collaboration is a constant effort in the emergency management field. With events like Hurricane Katrina and the 9/11 Attacks in recent memory, it is apparent that local, state, and federal government agencies can become overwhelmed in times of emergency. Several local community and private agencies have aided the government to prepare, respond, and help recover in natural and human disasters. With collaboration being a conscious decision as well as a necessity, it is important to analyze how it is accomplished, its development, obstacles, differences, and similarities. The evolution of collaborative efforts in the emergency response sector have risen out of necessity and the proactive drive from communities and agencies. There are several factors to consider when developing a successful emergency force, including the people that are in it. Recognizing social and cultural diversity among government and civilian groups is part of determining how these groups will communicate, interact, and build trust amongst each other (Markus, Fedorowicz, Bodeau, & Brooks, n.d.). In order to build a cohesive, productive, multi-agency operation, practical training exercises, data sharing, and establishing standard operating procedures for cooperative efforts is essential (“A Whole Community,” 2011). Training and practice in these procedures as well as with the technology used creates a more prepared team and promotes collaboration through…

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