Collaboration: Fire Extinguisher and Oklahoma State University

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1. Detailed explanation of how smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors work.
How do smoke detectors work?
*Smoke alarms detect the smoke that comes from a fire; once it detects the smoke the smoke will trigger an alarm sound to ring off. The Ionization smoke detector detects smoke by sensing smoke particles. When these smoke particles pass through a chamber, it will absorb the alpha particles present from the alpha source. The smoke absorbing the alpha particles will lower the level of ionization inside the alarm, disturbing the flow of electrodes within an air-filled space container. When the flow is disturbed this will trigger the alarm to ring. There are optical smoke detectors that
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Ad vantages of fire extinguisher #3:
* Good for laboratory and kitchen use; can put out class B and C fires

*Doesn’t leave behind a harmful residue

Disadvantages of fire extinguisher #3:
* Shouldn’t be used on class A fires as it can cause it to reignite.

* Doesn’t leave non-flammable substance making it more likely for fire to re-ignite

How effective is fire extinguisher #3? Please explain in 2-3 sentences:

Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishers are effective for liquid type fires such as Class B and Class C fires. While it may not be able to put out Class A fires like Air pressurized water extinguishers and Dry Chemical fire extinguishers it does not leave behind a harmful substance like Dry Chemical Fire extinguishers. It is more versatile than Air pressurized water fire extinguishers, as well.

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3. Research fire safety facts, equipment or strategies.

Choose 2 things to write about relating to fire safety facts, equipment or

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