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Executive Summary Colgate Palmolive is a well-reputed company with a large series of its well-known products having different varieties in terms of flavour. Colgate Palmolive is the world leader in oral care industry. They cater the need of different segments by offering innovative products. The main objectives of this study is to analyse the existing channel strategies, physical distribution, sales force design and marketing strategies of Colgate
Palmolive in India and recommend the improvement if any on these areas.
Furthermore the communication strategies are discussed in detail. The communication strategy includes the study of the message strategy, creative strategy, the positioning of various brands of Colgate as
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We have analysed some of the marketing channel strategies used by Colgate Palmolive:
1.1.1 Channel of distribution:
A set of interdependent organizations that help make a product or service available for use or consumption by the consumer or business user. Colgate Palmolive uses all the available intermediaries wholesalers, retailers, and stockist. Distribution strategy for the Colgate Total is Indirect. It is through Dentist, plastic surgeon, drug stores, grocery stores, large retail stores and department stores.

1.1.1 Channel level
A layers of intermediaries that perform some work in bringing the product and its ownership closer to the final buyer. Colgate Palmolive uses level 2 channel level containing wholesalers and retailers. 1.1.2 Channel conflict
Disagreement among marketing channel members is generated when one channel member¶s action prevents another channel from achieving its goal. Colgate Palmolive fallow the traditionally distribution channel not involving overlapping of intermediaries so there is very less amount of channel conflict. 1.1.3 Intensity of distribution
As the product is daily useable commodity so the company is using intensive distribution. 1.1.4 Multichannel distribution system
As the time changes the companies changed from single channel distribution system to the multichannel distribution system, often called as hybrid marketing channels.

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