What's In This Toothpaste Analysis

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What’s in This Toothpaste is a formal essay and it is an informational essay. This essay has an explicit thesis which is “What’s in this toothpaste” (Bodanis, 10) and the urgency of toothpaste consumers to know what is in their toothpaste. In this essay the author writes about the ingredients that make up toothpaste.

An effective example of diction is the very well use of scientific phrases. The author uses scientific phrases such as “a large helping of gummy molecules from seaweed Chondrus Crispus”. By using this word the author show how when a consumer would read that on a toothpaste packaging they would not know what it means. The author goes to explain further by giving the literal meaning which is seaweed ooze (Irish moss), this is basically
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Bodanis listed what makes up the toothpaste, “so it’s, chalk…and fluoride” (Bodanis, 12). His list included many things that a reader could possibly be unaware of so, if a reader reads the list and notices that they do not know what one of the ingredients are they will be more aware about the fact that they must start paying attention to the ingredients. The second rhetorical device used was a hypophora, “Is that it? Chalk, water…and peppermint? Not quite.” (Bodanis, 12). Using a hypophora gives an emphasis to Bodanis’s next sentence and it engages the reader with the next sentence as using a hypophora can also show that a significant is about to be said. The third rhetorical device used was an anaphora. Bodanis kept listing the ingredients at the end of almost every paragraph. This has an effect of letting the readers know what’s in the toothpaste and he is also communicating the theme because by repeating the ingredients so many times he’s making people aware of all the ingredients that are in toothpaste as they will keep on reading …show more content…
He is not too serious about the consumers needing to know what in their toothpaste but he does prefer that they are aware so he calmly list the ingredients yet cleverly deliver the message that you should be aware of the ingredients. He is also sarcastic at points to make sure it’s not too serious as this is not an argumentative essay he is not arguing a point he is simply informing. He is also sarcastic at points to show readers that not everything in toothpaste is safe/good.

This essay has an audience of adult and generally people who use toothpaste. This essay was written to get people aware of the ingredients in toothpaste and the writing choices of Bodanis help the theme to be communicated. Some well writing choices include the use of parenthesis, tone and phrasing of ideas. Overall this essay was very well written and communicated the theme very

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