Cole And The Spirit Bear Short Story

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Cole and peter had stayed on the island. Peter had forgave Cole and they been going to soak in the pond and carry the ancestor rock. Cole help peter to build his own cabin. Every day they talk and walk the island to find new things about the island. One day Cole and peter got up to go soak in the pond and carry the ancestor. When they got to the pond, they seen the spirit bear soaking in the pond, Cole start walking to the pond, Peter ask Cole what or you doing. I’m going to soak in the pond said Cole I’m not going in the pond with the spirit bear said peter, It’s not going to hurt you but didn’t it attack you said peter, Yes that’s because I attack it Frist. Peter start walking to the water with Cole and the spirit bear turn around and start walking up to Cole and peter. Peter was about to run out the water before Cole had grab him. The spirit bear was right in Cole face when the spirit bear had lick him dead in the face and then the spirit had turn to peter and did the same thing. Than the spirit bear ran out the water and in to the water. …show more content…
Peter ask Cole if there is a spirit bear dance and Cole said it’s a dance for everything if you make one. Can you help me make one said peter, Cole got up and was dancing the spirit bear dance until he was tried, he showed peter some things about the spirit bear and ask him what he had learned from the dance. Before it got too late in the night they had ate some more hot dogs and Cole told peter about the life of the hot dog and that you make it how you want it. Cole told peter that he was sorry for what he had did and that if he can take it back he would after they got done talking, Cole and peter went in there cabins and went to sleep but Cole cant go to sleep he been up all night thinking about his mom and his dad and he start thinking about what would happen if peter did killed

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