Cognitive Behavioral Therapy And Cognitive Therapy Essay

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Discussion In terms of recovery and recovery maintenance, Family Therapy seems to be the more suitable recovery strategy compared to Individual Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy; when Individual Therapy and Cognitive Therapy are compared, there appears to be no significant difference in outcomes and recovery rates between these two treatments. However, when the two recovery strategies are compared in terms of their relapse rates, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy transcends over Individual Therapy; Pike et al. maintain that Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is effective in relapse prevention (2048). This may be due to differences in the central ideologies of each treatment; Cognitive Behavioural Therapy focuses on cognitive restructuring; comparatively, Individual Therapy focusses on the present weight of the patient and how that patient may arrive at their weight range goal. Although both recovery strategies provide support and education with respect to nutrition and weight maintenance; by focussing on the patient’s cognitive restructuring with respect to mood regulation, social skills, shape concern and self esteem; Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is able to address the notions of Interpersonal Distrust, Body Dissatisfaction, Drive for Thinness and Interoceptive Awareness. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy results in decreased relapse rates compared to Individual Therapy due to its focus on rehabilitating cognitive structures which affect the patient’s long term recovery;…

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