Cognitive Behavioral Theory As An Ideal Form Of Therapy Essay

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Cognitive Behavioral Theory As An Ideal Form of Therapy
CBT Basics Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a short-term, goal-oriented therapy treatment that focuses on the relationship between thoughts, emotions, and behaviors and how each influences the other (Buchalter, 2015). The goal of CBT is for clients to learn about and identify their patterns and modes of thinking in order to change their cognitive processes (Rubin, 2001). CBT focuses on the belief that thoughts cause feelings and behaviors, so by altering how a person thinks and changing negative thinking into positive thinking, they can alter maladaptive behaviors and responses (Kerr, 2015). One’s thoughts often hold patterns which emerge from negative thoughts, which are called cognitive distortions. Some examples of cognitive distortions include mind reading (client assumes that he or she knows the intentions of or what someone else is thinking) and overgeneralizations (the client sees one unfortunate event as a never-ending series of unfortunate events) (Kerr, 2015). CBT uses a theoretical explanation for the negative thoughts an individual has, which is called the ABC model. In this model A represents the activating event, B represents an individual’s belief about the activating event, and C represents the emotional or behavioral consequences based on one’s beliefs about the activating event. Thus, it is not the emotions, behaviors, or even the event itself that troubles individuals, but their beliefs about…

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