Coffee 's Effect On Coffee Essay

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This documentary opens with a man at the International Cupping Competition: Specialty Coffee Association, he is describing a coffee, which he says, is, “the best he’s ever tasted, it can used in espresso or sold as straight coffee by producers”. It is then revealed the coffee beans are from Ethiopia. Because of this and based on the knowledge of a market based economy, one would assume Ethiopian’s are receiving a fair pay for their wholesome coffee beans. The screen now transitions showing coffee’s effects within Ethiopia. We learn 15 million people depend on the trading of coffee to survive, and coffee is 67% of Ethiopia’s export revenue (Ko 2015). These residents are scrapping by day-by-day, living in one shack with 15 others, and are unable to send their children to school. Throughout the documentary we meet a farmer in Southern Ethiopia who is forced to plant chat, a narcotic plant, as opposed to coffee beans because the market for chat in Ethiopia is far better. We then meet Tadesse Meskela who is general managers of the Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union. Watching as he explains the worth of coffee to his union members, we learn the workers are paid 2 Bir (.23 cents) for 1 kilo of coffee beans. We then learn companies gain 2000 Birs ($230) per kilo (Ko 2015). Discovering this, the workers deem the coffee beans “black gold”. Tadesse promises the workers he will try to find buyers willing to pay a fair price. We then follow Tadesse as he travels, working…

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