Paul Salopek

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Paul Salopek decided to walk across the world. He decided to do this for so many reasons. The main reason is because 60,000 years ago our ancestors took this pathway who first discovered our Earth. He explains that it is not just because they delivered us to the planet but because they “bequeathed us the sublest qualities and we now associate with being fully human”. They are the reason why we are here according to Paul. They walked the strait called “Bab el Mandeb”the gate of the grief. It is from Africa to Arabia and made 2500 generations. Paul uses fossil evidence and genography to walk North from Africa into the Middle East. He will walk from Asia to China, to Siberia. Then from Russia he will cross in a ship to Alaska and finally to Tierra Del Fuego. It is 21,000 miles, …show more content…
They had no water and it was very hot. They visited another archaeological site called Gona. It has the oldest known tools in the world, 2.6 million years. He explains they were so anxious until they saw goats. Goats means people. There they stayed with a family of 8 children and old woman and two young women. He says that 60,000 years ago when the homosapiens walked they encountered other species of hominins. Like the homo neanderthalensis, homo floresiensis, and denisovans. Then they thank them and start walking again. Mohamed tells paul that the men of Hasma’s camp threatened him and he said he nearly hit them on the head with his walking stick. As they move on to Dubti Ethiopia they see a lot of sugar cane. It was the multimillion dollar Tendaho sugar plantation. This could make Ethiopia the sixth largest sugar producer in the world. A young girl who works there say they kicked them out of their land and they take advantage of their workers. The minimum wage is 20 dollars a month. After they stop in Dishoto to charge his laptop in the police station. They are all outsiders and very

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