Coffee House Proposal Essay

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This business plan is intended to serve as a starting point for a potential coffee shop at Kelana Jaya, Petaling Jaya. While the plan provides an extensive look into the feasibility studies of such an endeavour, we recognize that further research may be required before undertaking this business. We have provided all the financials including the balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statements. However, our research shows that the starting and sustaining of a coffee shop in the KJ area is viable, given the incredible demand for a community-oriented coffee destination.
Asbek Coffee House is committed to providing quality coffee and related products in a relaxing community-based atmosphere. The
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With support from the community, Asbek Coffee House will be able to serve the local area with quality coffee, a gathering place, and hope for future growth of the KJ. With few companies meeting the needs of the KJ community, Asbek Coffee House is poised to take a front-runner position in the coffee market

Asbek Coffee House will be created to be a ray of hope for the KJ community. This coffee shop will provide more than just food and drink: it will serve as a community hub, gathering place, a destination for potential business partners, old friends looking to reconnect, and budding romantic interests alike. With the KJ region starving for such an establishment, Asbek Coffee House will surely thrive and ignite the surrounding area into a lush and irresistible opportunity for other businesses. Asbek Coffee House will serve as the catalyst for transforming the KJ from an entrepreneurial wasteland into a booming metropolis. b) MISSION
As the KJ longs for a quality coffee shop and community hub, Asbek Coffee House will fulfil both needs by providing excellent food and beverages and a welcoming, socially receptive atmosphere. Coupled with freshly roasted coffee and espresso drinks, the friendly service and community focus of Asbek Coffee House will attract and retain consumers of all ages and backgrounds seeking a coffee destination within the KJ region. c) COMPANY GOALS & KEYS TO

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