Coexistence Of Good And Evil In To Kill A Mockingbird

There are a many characters Harper Lee used in 'To Kill a Mockingbird ' to help spread her message, in this case the ‘Coexistence of Good and Evil’. All the characters are created to have their own unique character and different roles in order to bring out the message. Through the adult Scout, the author stated that everyone in Maycomb County is somehow related since people were so close during the time, where they married within their families.
The character Lee used to express these ideas was using a young girl, who hadn’t yet experienced the whole world yet. Scout is the narrator of the story and is used as a naive narrator and everything is seen through the six year old 's perspective. She frequently asks questions without hesitating,
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He values justice, equality and integrity which in a whole defines his character; Atticus’ character as a whole is a symbol in the novel. He values the ‘good’ side of things and tends to view everything on the positive side. Wisdom, justice and compassion are just some of his many values and to support his morals, Lee has shown him treating everyone equally with respect. None of his attitude is an act as he truly means whatever he says and just doesn 't speak any of which will offend anyone. As Ms Maudie states, he is the same at home as he is outside.
Atticus’ character represents the existence of good in ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ and he’s the balancing the evil with his benevolence.
An example of his true values, is the fact that Atticus 'chose ' to support and believe Tom Robinson in the rape case, although coloured men are looked down upon.
Knowing it was futile to try to prove a black man innocent, Atticus didn 't think twice to help Tom the best he could and which goes to show that Atticus is the hero of the story as he fights for justice and justice
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Ewells were known to be a troubled bunch and their actions show no less; hence, Lee has used this to portray them as the villains, representing ‘evil’.
The book 's title, 'To Kill a Mockingbird ', is a very important symbol and is a metaphor that refers to both Tom and Boo; they share many similarities despite one being black and the other being white. A 'Mockingbird ' symbolises an innocent life, representing Tom, whom was killed despite being an innocent being. Both Tom and Boo are victims of prejudice, fear and social rejection. They are judged negatively just for being different, which shows the evil of the society. Where on the other hand, Atticus who understands that you cannot truly understand anyone without knowing them.
Arthur Radley is the younger brother of the grumpy Nathan Radley and the son of the ‘evil’ Mr. Radley. He rarely comes out of his house, which is one of the reasons the citizens began to make up unearthly imaginations of him. He supposedly stabbed his father with a pair of scissors and got arrested by the Sheriff, then later held in the courthouse. He was imprisoned in his own house by his cruel father as he denied to send Arthur to an asylum. Boo stayed in the house from his teens and he finally confronts Scout after rescuing her and Jem from Bob 's attack. Boo was the complete opposite of what the children had imagined; instead of

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