Code Of Ethics In Social Work Case Study

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Within the social work industry how a social worker handles the clients is very important. Rules have to be followed and people lives, privacy, and their dignity has to be taken into consideration. According to the National Association of Social Workers (2008) Social Workers promote social justice and social change with and on behalf of the clients. In this paper you will learn what the code of ethics is for Social Workers, how ethical frameworks can be applied, compared, and contrast to client case study, and how the dilemma of the case can be solved.

Code of Ethics in Social Work
Code of ethics is basically our own morals, and values. What we do that is right or what we do that is wrong has everything to do with how ethical
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Not all the frameworks are going to work for every situation but that is where the assessing the client and their predicament come in at. Two frameworks that is mentioned in the texts are Dolgoff, Loewenberg, and Harrington’s Ethical Principles Screen and Ethics of Care. These two was chosen to be discussed because they both set out to do the same things when applied together in a case study. Let’s take the case study of two year old Kendra who is in the home of the Does. The Does love the little girl and want her to become a permanent member of their family. Well the Does also have a mentally disabled adult male named Tony who wants to live on his own but the Does don’t want him to. So Tony tell the social worker that he has been sexually abusing Kendra. Even though the Does do not believe the allegations the social worker remove the little girl from the only home she only known and the only family who love her. Kendra is then examined by a doctor and an investigation is put in place. She is place with another family who can also provide a safe environment and stability for …show more content…
This includes safety, physical, mental care. So if the foster sibling clearly states that he has been sexually abusing her then removing the child from the home is always best until an investigation is conducted and thereafter. The clients all around well-being is the most important with the ethics of care framework. Meaning every aspect of the client such as the behavior, communication, the relationship all applies to this framework. Now the ethical principles screen applies to this case because the social worker have to protect the life of the child, they have to provide the least harm, make sure the client has privacy and confidentiality, the quality of life has to be taken into consideration and the social worker has to provide honesty to all disclosures (Rothman, 2013, p

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