Coco's Workplace Discipline

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Although discipline in never a pleasant activity for either of the parties involved, disciplinary and dismissal policies at Coco’s are designed to be accurate, consistent, and applied fairly to all employees, so we are cognizant of the employee as a person and carry out the disciplinary process with professionalism and respect. When a violation of policy transpires with any level of employee, Coco’s has processes in place to deal with these situations and perform “investigations into these matters, managing a complaint when it occurs” and follow the procedures of discipline, if necessary (Jones, 2009). Discipline and punishment are two sides of the same coin likewise; effective workplace discipline is best viewed in the same light.
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We adhere to the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 which states, “We shall furnish to each employee safe and healthful working conditions which are free from recognized hazards that are causing or are likely to cause death or serious physical harm to employees” (Dessler, 2013, p. 274). Coco’s also abides by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards including the maintenance of records of and report of occupational injuries and occupational illnesses. Coco’s will ensure that all equipment is in proper working order, food is stored safely, proper illumination and ventilation is present in all areas, and that employees follow the guidelines in regards to proper lifting and safe working conditions. On the first day, the new employee will meet with me, the CEO of Coco’s, to receive an overview on the OSHA regulations for restaurants regarding sanitization, floors, food handling, fire safety, working conditions and age restrictions, if necessary. This knowledge is reinforced with hands on application, checklists and review with the assigned coach. New employees are assigned a coach as they learn the ropes of the job and will follow the Tell, Show, Do process, “Tell is what new employees learn in the training. Show is when the coach shows them exactly how to do something and Do is when the employee did the action with the …show more content…
These systems have clearly stated policies and processes that contain the “rules and norms of the company and the laws” by which these policies are guided (Meads, PDF). Coco’s always strives to help employees feel connected with their work, people, and the community in which we serve, to enhance their lives and the lifestyles of their customer’s. We promise to maintain a safe workplace and will never put our employees or our customer’s safety at risk, but if negligence does occur, Coco’s will follow our company processes in applying fair, consistent and respectful disciplinary action if needed. Coco’s invests on the well being of our employees since investment in human capital is the most effective and efficient way for our organization to achieve our strategic goals. Our employees are our number one concern and Coco’s culture is steadfastly focused on that investment, living each day by this motto: “The quality of our return is based on the quality of our investment. If we want our people to return loyalty and trust to us, we have to invest our loyalty and trust in them” (Leman & Pentak, 2004, p.

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