Essay on Cocaine Intoxication And Drug Intoxication

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Cocaine intoxication occurs when you snort, smoke or inject too much cocaine. One becomes restless and overactive shortly after using cocaine, but with excessive use, cocaine intoxication can lead to death. The four stages of cocaine intoxication are cocaine euphoria, cocaine disphoria, cocaine hallucinosis, and cocaine psychosis. It has been noted that cocaine intoxication closely resembles a psychiatric disorder. In the movie, The Boost, the main character Lenny Brown goes through each stage of cocaine intoxication and examples of his progression can be seen in the movie, especially when he enters stages three and four. The first stage of cocaine intoxication is cocaine euphoria which is described as being similar to a manic episode. Individuals in stage one of cocaine intoxication display restless types of behavior such as rapid movements, insomnia and rapid speech are present in this first stage. Behaviors of hyper-alertness, hyper-sexuality and loss of appetite are also commonly associated in cocaine euphoria. Along with these restless behaviors, reports indicate that users experience increased pleasure and do not feel like sleeping because they have increased energy. These two affects of cocaine euphoria are relatively seen as positive effects of the drug which leads to continued use. Stage two of cocaine intoxication, cocaine disphoria, has almost the opposite symptoms of stage one. This is primarily caused by the cocaine levels dropping in the body. This stage is…

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