Causes Of Robbery Essay

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National Bureau of Investigation defines robbery as the taking or attempting to take anything of value from the care, custody or control of a person by force, threat or violence. There are two factors of robbery and first was taken by means of force or fear; and second is that the theft was from the victim or from its personal property.
The most important evidence in a robbery is putting the victims in fear of taking his/her belongings by force. Some crimes of robbery are by hurting a person physically while taking his wallet or by taking his/her bag forcefully.
There are a lot of crimes that are connected to the robbery, but cannot be determined as a crime of robbery. Some evidences are incomplete to call it as a robbery. It is not easy
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Giving death threats may be includes the victim’s family, the people present where the robbery is happening or the victim himself. It is not robbery when the crimes are intentionally spreading rumors and scandals of the victims in the past.
One of the causes of robbery is humans that are insensible because of drinking alcohol beverages and they are in the spirit of drugs. If the victim did not force or did not threaten it is not a thief. If the victim is threaten to take his or her important belongings, that’s the time it will become a crime or must call a robbery. If the person taken an important belongings from his body parts or from the cloth he or she wears without consent then it is a robbery.
If the theft, says that the victim should deposit or give the things they want such as money in a warehouse through cell phone or any communicating gadgets then it is not a robbery. But according to Great Britain if the victim was threatened through the phone, then it is also a robbery. Many robbery crimes must be solved, but some crimes cannot identify if it is a robbery
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But since, the punishments are miniscule, marauders are confident on the possible risks on robbing someone. In this case, walking alone would be unsafe for every individual. 44.85% of the people were worried that they would be robbed. According to the Guide no. 59 by Eck et al., (2010) which states that street robbery was most feared in public because victims face life threats, loss of control, and an invasion of personal properties. Street robbery is a most frightful crime because it is likely to occur during daily lives. In 2005 National Crime Victimization Survey, it shows that

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