Coca Cola's Case Study Of Coca-Cola

Since its introduction into the consumer products world over 130 years ago, Coca-Cola beverage has not only become a part of millions of American people’s lives, but with its successful marketing campaign, it has also emerged as one of the most internationally successful and recognizable brands to people all over the world (About us, 2016). Coca cola has become so successful that every day, there are approximately 1.9 billion people enjoying a glass of Coke (About us, 2016). How can a single product like Coca-Cola, remain so strong after 130 years of existence? Not only has Coca Cola created a deliciously secret patented formula for their beverage, but they have also successfully created a strong and loyal consumer following by
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In 2011 Interbrand Named Coca Cola with the highest brand equity award. Due to its global presence and exceptional brand recognition, it is a product that has the highest brand equity (Bhasin, 2016). Another strength Coca-Cola has is it valuation at over 179.9 billion dollars (Forbes, 2015). This valuation is a combination of brand value, total number of factories, distribution centers and assets in the world, operation cost and profits. Its overwhelming presence in the word which has helped its global brand recognition and loyalty. In the in Carbonated Soft Drink Volume (CSD) market share, Coca-Cola’s 42.4 % market share overshadows is closest competitor, Pepsi with its 27.7 market share (Bailey, 2014). Coca cola’s societal strategies is always working on earning consumers loyalty by reaching out to people of all ages. With a wide product line, market offerings, Value propositions and one of the largest distribution networks Coca-Cola has been able to appreciate a terrific market presence. While its overall strengths have helped maintain its dominance in the CSD market, overall carbonated beverages have been experiencing a decline in overall sales due to the obesity awareness and the effects that sugar has with obesity (Bailey, 2014). To help Coca-Cola maintain its dominance in the CSD market, Coke should initiate educational programs that will teach consumers how to drink soda responsibly and the importance of overall …show more content…
Even though Coke is a clear leader Pepsi Cola has made strides to diversify itself in areas the Coke has not. For example, Pepsi has ventured into the snacks segments where Coca-Cola has not yet made that move (Bhasin, 2016). The business world is also recognizing the health concerns surrounding obesity as a major problem. Many states are either enacting or have pass laws limiting the sales of large sizes of carbonated fountain drinks to try and reduce the consumers intake of these beverages. People are concerned about obesity and this will definitely affect sales. Coca-Cola has also been named in lawsuits due to their large consumption of water in areas where there are shortages and with the mixing of pesticides in the water. Coca-Cola has to improve its water management to overcome this weakness (Bhasin,

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