Coca Cola Company Mission Statement

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A Brief History; Coca-Cola is a 125 year old beverage company specializing in soft drinks. The company was founded by John Pemberton after he accidentally added carbonated water to his alcoholic cola, creating the predecessor to the cola we now know. Where they are now. Coke as a company is committed to many core values. Their mission statement is defined as; Our mission is to refresh the world in mind, body and spirit, to inspire moments of optimism and happiness through our brands and actions, to create value and make a difference. This mission statement is the mechanic that drives all of their actions. This is seen in their special care taken when advertising to kids. They have been more than careful enough and regularly attend meetings …show more content…
A more subtle hope for the company is that they will inspire other large corporations to follow suit in an effort to improve the planet. Continuing, Coca-Cola has begun to lead an effort in reducing the amount of sugar in their soft drinks beverages. Coca-Cola has long been criticized for its excess use of sugar to lure people towards their fizzy drinks, and this has left some with a negative image of the corporation in their mind. In order to change this, they have started Coca-Cola Life. This new drink reduced the amount of sugar in the drink by a third of the regular. This was achieved by using stevia leaf extract instead of the normal sugar. Among other things, Coke is committed to creating an environment of creativity and openness. Their London office is seen as an exemplary model for future spaces. They have hired artists to decorate the interior with murals and depictions associated with the brand but also moments of happiness. As well as this, the interior decorators paid tribute to Coke's esteemed place in pop culture. This includes their relevance throughout their existence as a corporation. A wall titled "the heritage wall" showcases memorabilia, art, and advertising from their archives. They intentionally bought

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