Coca Cola And Its Effect On Society Essay

762 Words Oct 12th, 2014 4 Pages
Coca-Cola. Simply reading or hearing those words can often bring a smile to someones face. This tasty combination of carbonated water and sugar has enamored populations around the world for generations. Whether it be an addiction to Diet Coke or daily craving for the perfection that is Coca-Cola Classic a large portion of our society is drinking a coke daily with over 1.7 million coke products consumed every day. Besides loving the flavor though many Americans can even relate to coke on a different level. Many enjoy that first cheerful group of polar bears that appear every holiday season or maybe some like collecting the new special edition cans that come out with the Olympics or this past summer 's world cup. Regardless, it is plain to see that Coca-Cola has successfully gripped the world in it 's one of a kind flavor and (as odd as it is for a soda) personality. I have been an avid Coca-Cola Classic drinker, drinking two to three a day, for the past seven to eight years. It can be hard to pin point at which point I realized my love for this famous soda, but I can say without a doubt that the credit goes to my father for being the one who originally got me hooked. He, throughout my lifetime at least, has always kept a coke in his hand and I followed suit. This sugary soda, as unhealthy as it may be, will most likely be my favorite drink until the day I die (hopefully not of diabetes). Even on a hot and steamy Mississippi day I find myself reaching into the…

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