Essay on Coca Col The World 's Most Famous Brand Name

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Issues statement
In 1999, Coca-Cola Company was served with a lawsuit to allege that the company employed racially discriminatory business practice. The suit alleged that there is a substantial difference between black employees and white employees in pay. In addition, a glass ceiling in the company kept black employees from advancing upward into level of management positions.
According to the company report in 2009, Coca-Cola is the biggest producer of sparkling beverage. Even though Coca-Cola is the world’s most famous brand name, the company is also known for the largest lawsuit related to racial discrimination in The United Stated history.
During the war world II, in order to serve Coke to American Soldiers in North Africa and Europe, the company expanded rapidly and there are 15 to 20 plants were opened every year during the 1950s. There are one more successful in the worlds’ #1 diet beverage, Diet Coke, that keep the company earning increase about 20% every year.
Keep staying with the old way of management, the company was accused that it business practice against black employee. Even though the company was noticed about their employees’ concerns, they didn’t take it seriously. Therefore the company was sued by about 2000 plaintiffs.
The company denied the claims and proved that there is no “glass ceiling” in the company; however, in November 2000, the company was settled the lawsuit for 192.5 million dollars.
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