Essay on Coca Col A Brand Name

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Coca cola is known all over the world for its brand name, but also known as the latest company who lost the racial discrimination lawsuit. After losing the case its important for the company to work on its diversity leadership skills, and in less than 10 years the company has transform and it also improved it diversity skills. Today the company work with all kind of people who come from different culture, race, gender and religion, according to book there are 23% of African American, 5% Asian and 7% Hispanic are working in the company. Not only that but coca cola is also including in 50 top companies diversity list and which is also the competitive advantage for company in terms of global environment, diversity and also the organizational culture.
The soft drinks industry were in United States since 1800, when it’s introduced by physician are a cures for arthritis, headaches etc. then late on it becomes the very popular and highly profitable soft-drink industry which now sell not only soda but also coffee, juices, and other sports drinks. Coca cola used the two main strategies for its company the first is diversification through acquisition and second is implementation of international market for example china is coca cola third largest market. Coca cola is the world largest company who is the producer of two of the world largest carbonated drinks out of three and Coke is also the world largest producer and distributer of non-alcoholic drinks. The company has 400 brands…

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