Ombudsman Research Paper


From: Parrish, Hollie
To: CG Recruiting Command
(a) Ch 4.B.1.b of the Coast Guard Recruiting Manual, COMDTINST M1100.2

1. I request consideration for selection to the Direct Commission Engineer Officer Program.

2. I married my husband in 2004. I became a dependent of an active duty member of the Coast Guard. My father was active duty Navy for 23 years. I knew as a spouse of a Coast Guard active duty member I played an intricate role in supporting him and the missions of the Coast Guard. In support him I knew I was capable to do more in support my country. I became contractor for the Coast Guard in 2010 for the Inland River Movement Center (IRVMC). This
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I feel that the Coast Guard will provide me with the ability and tools to be an excellent leader, supervisor, and wife. But, ultimately it has already provided me with the tools to be an exceptional volunteer to the community. In 2013 I became the Ombudsman for the USCGC Walnut. The Ombudsman serves as a volunteer liaison between the Command and unit family members. The Ombudsman’s job is to provide resources and referrals to families as well as serving as a communications link between both the Command and the families. I organized and distributed important OPSEC training to the families along with information on support provided Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam. I was recognized by Admiral Papp along with the other Ombudsmen in Hawaii for our dedication. When I moved to Maryland I became Military Family Outreach Chair at Piney Orchard Elementary PTA where my son attended school. The Piney Orchard Elementary Military Family Outreach PTA is designed to help all of its military families as they face their unique challenges throughout the year. In addition as become a more senior belt in the International Tang Soo Do Federation I am encouraged to mentor junior belts in honor, respect, and discipline as they learn martial

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