Coast Guard Recruitment Letter Example

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From: Parrish, Hollie
To: CG Recruiting Command
(a) Ch 4.B.1.b of the Coast Guard Recruiting Manual, COMDTINST M1100.2

1. I request consideration for selection to the Direct Commission Engineer Officer Program.

2. I married my husband in 2004. I became a dependent of an active duty member of the Coast Guard. My father was active duty Navy for 23 years. I knew as a spouse of a Coast Guard active duty member I played an intricate role in supporting him and the missions of the Coast Guard. In support him I knew I was capable to do more in support my country. I became contractor for the Coast Guard in 2010 for the Inland River Movement Center (IRVMC). This gave me in-depth knowledge of the Coast Guard’s policies and culture.

3. With my educational background, 18 years of business administration, 6 years in support of the DoD Cyber Security, and leadership skills, I have become extremely well prepared to serve as a Direct Commissioned Engineering Officer (DCE).

4. I currently work at the Defense Information System Agency (DISA) as the contract leader for DoD Ports, Protocols, Service, Management (PPSM) under the direct authority of the DoD Chief Information Officer (CIO) and DODI 8551.01. It is my and my team’s responsibility to receive
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Throughout my career I have always looked to challenge myself and go above and beyond. During my time at the Enterprise Service Desk I looked for way to support customers and ensure that technical issues had minimum effect on the mission while ensuring that there was no compromise to cyber security. That goal to support the customer or users and to protect the DoDIN and associated networks is what had driven me to the on my career path and why I am seeking consideration for selection to the Direct Commission Engineer Officer Program. My experience and knowledge of DoD Cyber Security policies would be invaluable in the support the Coast

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