Coér Cosmetics Case Study

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This paper is about the breakdown of marketing strategy and marketing mix of Colér Cosmetics (CC). The marketing strategy that CC use is customer-driven. The marketing strategy is explained using four factors: market segmentation, market targeting, differentiation, and positioning. Market segmentation includes analyzing these four variables: geographic, demographic, psychographic and behavioral. The factors look at the target customers and the market it is in (cosmetics). CC explains what it need to do in order to separate themselves from the competition using the three factors. Market targeting includes segment size and growth, segment structural attractiveness, and company objectives and resources. Differentiation and positioning coexist …show more content…
The type of marketing strategy Colér Cosmetics use is customer-driven. This means asking these two questions, which customers will CC serve and how will CC serve them. The steps in order for CC to accomplish this are through market segmentation, market targeting, differentiation, and positioning (Armstrong, Kotler, and Northwestern, 2014). Market segmentation is broken down into four variables which are geographic, demographic, psychographic and behavioral (Armstrong, Kotler, and Northwestern, 2014). Geographically, CC is trying to attract more customers in major cities and college towns. Demographically, CC is targeting young adults, professionals, and older people. For the psychographic aspect, CC wants to attract people of every social class and lifestyle (Market segmentation examples, 2012). CC believes its products are for every one with any type of personality or lifestyle (Armstrong, Kotler, and Northwestern, 2014). Behaviorally, CC is for people who are makeup professionals or for novice who are trying to add more to their face besides …show more content…
Marketing mix is set of tactical tools that the firm uses to create the response it wants in the target market (Armstrong, Kotler, and Northwestern, 2014). These tools can be broken down into four factors: product, price, place, and promotion (Armstrong, Kotler, and Northwestern, 2014). Product is the product that a company offers to a targeted market (Armstrong, Kotler, and Northwestern, 2014). Colér Cosmetics only offered makeup foundation initially. Now they are offering eyeshadow and makeup removal wipes to their customers. CC puts emphasis on the quality, features, and variety (Armstrong, Kotler, and Northwestern, 2014). Price is the amount of money customers have to pay in order to get the product (Armstrong, Kotler, and Northwestern, 2014). CC is going to have a list of all the prices online, in stores, and in pamphlets so customers can see all of their prices at any time. CC will offer discounts at the beginning of every season. On a customer’s birthday, CC gives their customer a free gift without making a purchase. Place is companies activities that make a product available to target customers. (Armstrong, Kotler, and Northwestern, 2014) CC is available in retail stores Macys, Sears, and Dillard’s. They chose these retail stores because a lot of women frequent them for makeup products (Anita et al., 2014). CC is also looking to sells products in major pharmacies such as Walgreens

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