Essay on Cmgt 400 Intro to Information Assurance & Security

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These past few years have been distinct by several malicious applications that have increasingly targeted online activities. As the number of online activities continues to grow strong, ease of Internet use and increasing use base has perfected the criminal targets. Therefore, attacks on numerous users can be achieved at a single click. The methods utilized in breaching Internet security vary. However, these methods have increasingly become complicated and sophisticated over time. With the increase in threat levels, stronger legislations are being increasingly issued to prevent further attacks. Most of these measures have been aimed at increasing the security of Internet information. Among these methods, the most prominent
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Using something distinctive the user or person has, and requiring what a person or a user is. There are additional factors that from time to time can be used that are centered on time and place. For instance, say we want to limit a user’s login hours to a particular time schedule and when the user works. These factors can be used in various circumstances to complement the classic authentication factors.
Information Security Considerations
Since various applications have diverse security condition s and types. This can be somewhat a task to warrant that a company’s application integration environment functions properly without compromising a company or corporations security requirements. Furthermore security for the most part is very significant during application integration; perhaps a breach in your application integration services may cause security breaches in some other integration services.
Security Policy
One of the first stages towards effective security in every in workplace is to have a written security policy. There are several elements that may affect the security policy, together with the importance of the assets you are guarding, the threats that your environment faces, and the vulnerabilities that are at this time existing. Most security policies should create a system for the heart of all security processes you take in your environment. When making any changes to your organization, you want to make sure that the policy is

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