Hamlet Production Analysis

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Amanda Parks
ENGL 102
Professor Kambic
2 November 2017
Hamlet-BBC Production
1. They looked at dozen different kinds of spaces around London. They wanted to find an environment which wouldn’t call attention to itself which wouldn’t seem like that we were all on location that would provide for the play what we described as vivid neutrality. We looked at a number of disused factories, we looked at a couple of big sellers, we looked at an old school, and wed then went to this place in Mill Hill called San Joseph’s college which being a seminary for a catholic missionaries, we wanted a location which was theatrical, we need a space that 23 people would be able to populate and it still look costly. As soon as Greg walked in to the main place it
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A place of hyper surveillance the world of Elsinore in our production is an extremely oppressive world in a way there isn’t much room to breathe everybody seems to be spying on everybody else wherever you are in the past there’s no way to hide that you can always see someone over your shoulder so there’s really nowhere to hide. The atmosphere of surveillance is just pervades the play, so we wanted to find something that reflected that we’ve tried to include this idea of CCTV, so one minute will be absolutely in the drama and you’ll get a sense of people discussing closely and whispering secrets and the next we hope to cut away for an high and get the sense everything’s being observed and Hamlet’s sense that he was being spied on when he rips down the camera and then says now I’m alone we tried to see if that if you like that metaphor could extend throughout the whole play, we focus more on hamlet watching him through the action rather than us slowly and you’re being filmed by our new camera man for the day Mr. Tenant one thing we added is hand held camera which camera is wielding while filming the play actually he’s filming Claudius that he’s focusing in on hamlet himself is presenting a play in order to get across a point about the world he is living …show more content…
The closet scene has a huge kind of emotional intensity you can get into trouble in that scene if you do too much emotion, if you don’t surf in way surf the language surf the emotion. It’s like the plug called but then he starts seeing ghosts and it’s like is he mad is he not mad is there actually a ghost in the room I can’t see it but it’s so palpable his sense of this other thing in the road we made a decision to film in terms of the ghosts appearance in that scene it was both a practical and sort of an esthetic thing that we shot it first of all with the ghosts there because we had Patrick available on that particular day. We didn’t have Patrick available on earth of the following day so we shot it all from Gertrude’s perspective which there’s nothing there from alibis point of view his father’s ghost just walked

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