Personality In The Tragedy Of Hamlet Written By John Marsden

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Although it is a word that can define people in a number of different ways including being used as a derogatory comments towards somebody else in a way of showing irrational hatred, crazy is a word used to describe an individual whose behaviour has manifested into something that is wild or aggressive. Hamlet, a novel, is an adaptation of the popular William Shakespeare play The Tragedy of Hamlet written by John Marsden. The story tells of a young prince who is struggling to come to terms with the death of his father, the remarriage of his mother to his uncle, Claudius and his confusion for his love towards Ophelia. After discovering that his father’s death was a murder, Hamlet soon seeks revenge upon his uncle at the costs of his loved one’s …show more content…
The major reason for Hamlet resorting to committing revenge was because the prince was a man dealing with an impossible situation as he attempted to please the ghost of his father after discovering his unnatural death. Although Hamlet’s is starting to show signs that he is emotionally struggling, he has proven that for somebody dealing with the idea of grief he is actually a very sane man after openly admitting to Horatio his plans to reveal the truth of his uncle’s murder at the play. “Watch him with the eyes of your soul. I tell you this, Horatio, the ghost who visited me on that dreadful night brought me a story which may have come from the devil… you must think the unthinkable, old friend.” – (Page 83). This is an important thing to note, as it shows that although he is upset at the loss of his, he is still able to control himself when he knows he needs to. Another indication that shows the reader that Hamlet hasn’t completely lost his mind is in chapter twenty when Hamlet finds his uncle Claudius distracted in the middle of a pray becoming intrigued in the idea of killing him then and there. Hamlet was shown preparing his sword as he had become ready to complete his quest for revenge before slowly hesitating for a moment and backing away. “Prayers! Praying! What was he thinking?... Hamlet was about to send the murder of his father to heaven!” – (Page 120). Importantly, the thoughts of Hamlet show that he demonstrates a strong believe to his religion as he sacrificed his moment to complete his quest for Claudius to peacefully continue his prayers. Because of this, Hamlet’s ability to control his desire to prevent himself from breaking the traditions of his religion with the intentions of fulfilling his fathers’ demand shows that he can control his actions and emotions despite dealing with pressures such as

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