Clocky Case Essay

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Gauri Nada is an entrepreneur and her invention Clocky which as new generations of alarms which she considers to be the solution for the problem of waking-up in the morning.
Nada’s product has reached the media and it have created buzz in the market. it has a coverage that many of the available products in the market can’t have it in such a free way.
Consumers in the market are highly excited for this product and they also consider that it will fulfill their need regarding the issue of smooth waking in the morning and it will help to decrease the rate of being late to school of jobs.
This coverage stressed pressure on Nada who is now on many crossroads regarding the production and the introduction of the Clocky in the market of
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Most of the population in the United States face sleep deficiencies, and this is the main for the wake up difficulties.
With Clocky people will be able to save themselves from the direct effects of the snooze button. It will force them to leave the bed to turn the alarm off, and it will be a great solution for the wake up difficulties.
Moreover Clocky will help to change the wake up process from annoying thing to a fun task which will improve the mood of people at morning and will increase their enthusiasm and energy levels.
If Clocky is hugely accepted by the market as the solution for their wake up difficulties it will have a huge success and it will generate great revenues for its creator.

Industry Analysis:
Alarm clocks have been a need for people since long time, the first trail for trial for an alarm clock was on 1810 and it was designed for France’s Napoleon Bonaparte. In 1877 and in 1910 here have another trial for alarm clocks. In 1928 the first clock radio was introduces to the market and since General Electric-Telechron introduced the snooze button which have been adopted widely in the market , there have been no new innovations added o the alarm clocks industry.
The snooze button was so successful that it has highly uttered the wake –up process. Nada’s Clocky has the chance to fulfill this gap in the alarm’s clocks industry.
The American clock market is considered to be huge market, where

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