Climate Change : The Warming Essay

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Climate Change On record, nine of the ten hottest years have taken place since 2000. In 2012, the Arctic sea’s “summer ice” shrank to the lowest point recorded. As of right now, the earth is experiencing the highest carbon dioxide levels noted, which are drastically increasing and are predicted to keep increasing (NASA Global Climate Change). The climate is changing, which is normal. But in recent years, many have questioned the cause of this steep change. We are experiencing the most drastic decline in clean air, land, ice, and clean water. There is talk that humans have had the most impact on the earth’s change in its overall climate. Others claim the earth goes through cycles every hundred or so years, causing normal shifts in climate. Per research among geographers, meteorologists, and general scientists, the undergoing changes are to do with both ideas. And that is what most people don’t understand.
Data shows us that, “the climate system varies naturally over a wide range of time scales” (EPA). For those who believe the earth depends on these timely rotations of climate, there are large amounts of research to back that up. As the EPA states, “climate changes prior to the Industrial Revolution in the 1700s can be explained by natural causes, such as changes in solar energy, volcanic eruptions, and natural changes in greenhouse gas (GHG) concentrations.” It is not until after the 1700s that scientists started to consider the causes of this constant change, and question…

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