Argumentative Essay On Climate Change

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Over the past few years, the subject of climate change has been heavily discussed in the media, scientific research articles, and literature. In 2011, Richard Bean published his play “The Heretic,” which deals with the controversial topic of anthropogenic climate change. According to the dictionary by Oxford University Press (2016), anthropogenic means “originating in human activity”. He initiates his play by a claim made in 2007 by Al Gore, the former Vice President of the United States. Speaking to the House Energy committee and the Senate Environment committee, he stated that “The science is settled” (Seabrook: 2007). Al Gore explained himself and clarified what he meant: that CO2 emissions are undoubtedly heating our planet’s atmosphere. A second quote, which is an extract of a report published by the IPCC, says that the climate …show more content…
However, a report by the IPCC claims that there is 95% certainty global warming is human-made and that since the development of industries, greenhouse gas emissions are responsible for the current global warming (2014: v-4). Consequences of the high greenhouse gas emissions related to this development have caused significant damage to our planet, such as ocean acidification. As oceans have taken up about 30% of CO2 emitted by humans, their ph-value has dropped (IPPC: 2014: 4). This phenomenon may impact the biodiversity in the sea which could eventually lead to concerns in food security for populations that heavily rely on seafood (Gattuso and Hansson: 2011: 4) It may be true that those frightening predictions are not a present-day state, but it requires immediate measures to prevent those angst-inducing forecasts from becoming a

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