Climate Change Is A Global Scale Atmospheric Externality Essay

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Climate change is a global-scale atmospheric externality. It is an issue that must be understood and addressed globally. Environmental trends based on scientific and observed studies have shown an increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, an increase of the Earth’s surface and ocean temperature causing a decline in sea ice, and more prevalent extreme weather patterns- all due to human influence. However, trying to understand each of these trends separately will not fully explain the causes of climate change- in its entirety. These trends must be incorporated together into complex computerized models that can be used to define these occurrences as a whole picture, predict future trends, and hopefully return the greenhouse effect to its original, normal state (IPCC, 2013).
The Greenhouse Effect is a naturally occurring phenomenon in the Earth’s atmosphere. Without the greenhouse effect, temperatures on the Earth’s surface would be so cold that this planet would no longer be habitable. The greenhouse layer, which consists of different types of gas molecules and compounds, allows the penetration of solar radiation from space, which then rebounds from the Earth’s surface and is reflected back into space. The greenhouse gases in the atmosphere absorb some of this energy that is being reflected back into space and store the energy in the Earth’s atmosphere- keeping the planet warm and the existence of life possible. However, the greenhouse effect has a state of equilibrium-…

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