Climate Change : Explained By Nasa Essay

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Climate Change; Explained By NASA

Some people think “climate change” is a fancy word invented to cover up “global warming.” Global warming sounds so scary, but climate change sounds like something we can help combat or something less scary than the thought of our planet burning up because of a hole in the ozone layer. It’s remarkable how word-choice can have such a big impact on our ideas and feelings towards things. It’s also interesting to see politically how people react to each set of words. Either way you look at it, changes are happening and we need to know why.

Hot And Cold
We are typically taught in grade school that the Earth’s climate has always been changing. Evidence suggests Earth experienced an ice age previously, around 800 million years ago, as well as a “warm age” about 56 million years ago. According to the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration,) Earth’s hottest period occurred before we even existed. Since humans have been present, our temperatures have been relatively stable. Before the industrial revolution, the climate changed naturally. Events like meteors making it to the earth’s surface, volcanic activity and natural energy variations caused these changes. So how do we know a large climate change is happening right now? And how do we know that we are assisting it? (

NASA has gathered evidence proving that in the last 650,000 years, Earth has…

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