Climate Change, Drylands And Ecosystem Carbon Sinks Essay

854 Words Nov 1st, 2016 4 Pages
What is the significance of this research in the context of what is already known about climate change, drylands and ecosystem carbon sinks?
Drylands had previously been given less focus on effect of climate change because there was a preconceived notion that drylands would suffer less. The results from this analysis of multiple studies say otherwise. It was also discovered that temperature has a great effect on biotic factors in the drylands, as it was previously assumed that temperature had little effect. Because these drylands play a very important role in biogeochemical processes, and it is not thought that climate change can affect these areas greatly, more focus has been given to these areas. The article acknowledges that more research needs to be done that include effect of desiccation and an increase in temperature.
Using the conceptual Model (Figure 1, de Graaff et al. 2014), describe the short term and long term effects of Climate Change on a system of interest to you.
The system I chose to explore is that of a social one. Of course this system, like others such as economic or ecological, is complex and likely is susceptible to many factors beyond the scope of any one study or intuition. Plant physiology alteration is certainly applicable to this system, as the effect on small farmers will be strong. Many communities rely on small farmers for produce, and these small farmers rely on their produce, too, for income. With an increase in temperature; a decrease in…

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