Climate Change And Global Warming Essay

1452 Words Mar 27th, 2016 null Page
In the summer of 1992, the worlds most powerful leaders descended upon Rio de Janeiro for the first United Nations directed Earth Summit. The goal of this summit was to set up and find ways to halt the destruction of irreplaceable natural resources and tackle pollution of the planet. With the attendance of representatives for governments such as Canada, The United States of America, and China the focus of this conference was the state of the global environment and the relationship between economics, science and the environment in a political context. The conference itself pointed to signs of progress and growth for the looming dangers that climate change and global warming posed. Unfortunately, the progress that was anticipated to come after the 1992 conference was never realized and environmental conditions had deteriorated further than what was initially anticipated. Across the international community, and more specifically the economic major players of the international economy, carbon emissions had seen major increases. This lead to a international environmental crisis that promised even less outlook on a stable social, political, and economic sphere. For the years following the summit of 1992, nations like the United States and Canada elected to going for short-term profits of industrial production with high natural resource consumption and high carbon emissions. The short sightedness by North American nations, who were expected to pioneer the ‘green’ movement after…

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