Essay about Climate Change And Global Change

1223 Words Jan 6th, 2016 5 Pages
In 2009, the last climate change conference in Copenhagen, countries were not able to find a solution to climate change. Back then climate change was not addressed as seriously as it will be in the next climate change conference. Many countries have realized the potential consequences of climate change and have already began looking for solutions. However, to defeat climate change, it cannot be a few countries trying to look for solutions. It has the be a collective effort by each country in the world. The solution to climate change is obviously to reduce greenhouse emissions, but the problem is that asking seven billion people to change their ways of living. Not everyone feels seriously threatened by climate change right now. That is why all the countries in the world need to treat climate change as a serious enemy and need to do a better job informing the world that climate change can affect the world in multiple ways. If countries do not take climate change as one of the world’s most serious threats then resources will diminish, more health problems will occur, and the economy will be impacted negatively. The threat of resources becoming limited because of climate change should frighten countries because it will impact life and the economy. As climate change becomes more apparent research has shown that heat waves and droughts have been occurring more often (Physicians For Social Responsibility, 2009). Since droughts have been occurring more. farmers have lost crops…

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