Climate Change Affects Everyone And Everything All Over The World

1187 Words Jun 1st, 2016 5 Pages
Teddy Willcocks
Y1 Civics
Ms. Marshall


Climate change affects everybody and everything all over the world and is impacting how we live our lives. Around the world, we need to tackle the issues of climate change and alter the way we consume and dispose of resources. The pollution we create from factories and vehicles goes up into our atmosphere and creates a barrier of greenhouse gas. When the sun 's rays come to earth and then radiate back out to space, they can’t go back because of the one way, very thick greenhouse gas barrier. The 20 warmest years ever have happened since 1981 and with 10 of the warmest happening within the past 12 years and this is continuing to get worse as the years go on. If we don 't do something about this soon, our generation will be afraid to go outside when we reach the age of 50 due to greenhouse gases. The purpose of this essay is to examine the problem of climate change and propose a solution to the growing impact of greenhouse gases and their effect on our society.

The issue of climate change is very serious to our health and long-term survival. Solving the problem and stopping climate change would improve our world for future generations. In the past few years, our theme of having a white Christmas in Toronto is not impossible but somewhat unlikely, however, it is not only Toronto that suffers from these effects. The Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets have decreased in mass and are melting, making the water level globally rise.…

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