Cleopatr Relationship Between Julius Caesar And Mark Antony

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In the long run, to love someone for personal gain, smart or horrific? Cleopatra had a relationship with both Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. Her relationship with both these men were for political power while also falling in love. Cleopatra is a smart, intriguing women. She found herself attracting everyone's attention and having them bend to her will. Who found love in two men to gain political power in Egypt.The love Cleopatra had for both Julius Caesar and Mark Antony was quite real yet at first it was all to protect her and her kingdom. Cleopatra was a headstrong commander who was a great leader in Egypt, she joined with Caesar as a political move and later personally, however after his death, she allied herself with his right hand man …show more content…
Equally important, Cleopatra was a great historical leader in Egypt, who knew how to stay leader. Cambria Lovelady writes an article representing the life of Cleopatra's stance as a leader. Cleopatra was said to be a great ruler and this quote portrays her as so. “Cleopatra is one of history's most famous rulers”. This historical article shows how in Rome Cleopatra was not just a great ruler, but also one of history's most famous rulers. Rome was lucky enough to have one of history’s greatest rulers. Additionally, Cleopatra had fallen in love with two men, both Mark Antony and Julius Caesar. Don Nardo wrote a novel on how Cleopatra uses Antony as a political safety net after Caesar's death. While later on falling in love with Antony. Don Nardo represents the fact that Cleopatra was in love with two men. “Cleopatra agreed to back Antony's Parthian expedition, and in exchange he promised to protect her against any enemies who might threaten her nation on the future.” Being in love with two men was not uncommon during this time, many people had affairs. Cleopatra also fell in love with two men for political reason and also to be in love. Cleopatra knew how to keep herself safe during tough times in her kingdom. The best way for her to remain safe was to fall

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