Classroom Management Philosophy And Plan Essay

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Classroom Management Philosophy and Plan

Philosophy of Classroom Management I believe that classroom management is essential in any academic environment. If students are in a safe environment than learning can commence. Classroom environment is also student and goal oriented which means all variables for an effective classroom revolves around the students and their particular goals. I want the students to partake in their learning process. The main goal is to have a classroom where behavior problems are at a minimum and maximize students’ engagement to the curriculum. As the teacher, I am committed to unlock the students potential in order for students to showcase their developed skill sets to the real world. Without a classroom that is organized with instilled discipline then it will be difficult for students to learn.

I believe that that meeting the needs of my students is also crucial component in the classroom. I will take the initiative to build relationships with my students and interacting with them one on one. This will require an immense amount of patients and attention as I work with all of my students. Not only discussing with them in the classroom but also beyond the classroom. Getting to know the student on another level. I want them to only feel comfortable around me but also their fellow classmates. I want to encourage all students to participate so this will create more dialogue and dynamic in the classroom. I want also fuel the dynamic by…

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