Classroom Management Is Essential For Effective Instruction Essay

1386 Words May 5th, 2015 null Page
Students are dependent on their teachers for information, resources and structure. In order to satisfy these needs, teachers are equally dependent on their students ' cooperation. A teacher 's goal should be to help all students grow academically, socially and emotionally. To achieve this, teachers must tackle the hefty task of attending to each student. However, this becomes more difficult when students engage in disruptive behavior. If students enter the classroom late and talk during the lesson, it becomes a distraction to the class. In addition, it wastes valuable time when the teacher must redirect the class. These disturbances hinder the teacher 's ability to teach the lesson successfully. As classrooms become more diverse and inclusive, disruptive behaviors become more difficult to control. Therefore, strong classroom management is essential for effective instruction. Positive behavior support is a proactive approach to behavior management that allows teachers to minimize disturbances and optimize instruction time. Positive behavior support clearly sets expectations for students and positively reinforces their achievement. Morrissey, Bohanon, and Fenning (2010) found that "schoolwide PBS is a proactive systemic approach to discipline and involves everyone in the building"(p.28). According to Muscott et al. (2008) and OSEP (2002) "Schoolwide PBS is designed to address the behavioral needs of as many students as possible in an efficient manner, freeing up…

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