Classical Realism And Neorealism On Understanding The Political World

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This paper is going to critically access how even though neorealism may be more scientific than classical realism it does not mean that one is far less useful than the other. It is important to understand that theories are a way of explaining a situation or to prove a course of action that occurs. If the theory is able to explain why certain situation reoccur or demonstrate why certain conditions happen the way they do, then the theory is doing what it is meant to do, therefore making the theory useful. To get a better understanding of what classical realism and neorealism is, there needs to be awareness of what their similarities and differences are. To point out that no one theory is more useful than the other, the paper will show how both theories help in understanding the political world. The paper will show how even within each of the theories there is debate on how to handle the different situations that emerge by using the example of the expansion of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) after the Cold War, when both theories are used to decide and explain certain outcomes in international politics.

When looking at neorealism or classical realism it can be daunting at times because both theories at first glance look very similar, which is a valid point to make. Both theories take on the idea that international politics is made up of sovereign states. Which means that each state has absolute authority over its territory, citizens and that there is no higher…

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