Class Meeting Behind Malone Chapel Essay

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Last Thursday, our outdoor activity began with the class meeting behind Malone Chapel. Once the whole class was there, we met with Mr. Thoms and Dr. Leatherwood for our assignment: being led to our last destination by a group leader of our choice, while blindfolded. Each group was led to the ROTC training field blindly, but without issue. Once there, we were given our next assignment called the “Acid River” challenge. Mr. Thoms set the borders for an imaginary river and told us to retrieve cinderblocks and 2x4 planks from the nearby shed. Dr. Leatherwood told us to divide into our regular teams and each take 4 cinderblocks and 3 planks. Our objective was to make it from one side of the imaginary river of acid to the other using only the cinderblocks and 2x4’s to walk on. If we fell, we had to restart and the blame would be on the one who fell, promoting conflict to be overcome. After conferencing with the other teams, we decided the only way we’d make it across is to pool our resources and work as one large team. Once we were done with initial conflicts of implementing our plans, we came together as an entire class, rather than the teams we were told to stay with. After completing this challenge using a method that our instructors have never before seen in the class, it was further cemented in our minds that learning to work together was the purpose of this class.
Once we gathered near the chapel and received our first assignment: we were to select one leader…

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