Civil War : Not Uncertain Essay

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Civil War Uncertainty: Not Uncertain The question of whether or not the Southern states would eventually secede from the Union is universally agreed upon as a certainty, though whether the Civil War might have been avoided, has become a fascination of historians over the last century. The fact that the Civil War occurred, along with a multitude of grievances and differences that spurned both the North and South into conflict are proof that an armed conflict was bound to happen. The perfect conditions which would have needed to be present in order to avoid the Civil War were simply not present; thus, the Civil War was inevitable. The majority of historians agree that the Civil War was unavoidable and it was not until the 1920 's when historians, specifically termed Revisionists, began to argue that the Civil War was a conflict which was unnecessary and avoidable (Brinkley 317). Professor Eric Foner best phrases the Revisionist viewpoint when he states in a Columbia University lecture that “Politicians, and more so with irresponsible agitators, particularly the abolitionists,” were responsible for the Civil War and that it could have been avoided “had not a blundering generation stumbled into a needless war (2:20).” David Porter wrote of such a blunder in his book titled The Impending Crisis 1848-1861I when he references a Republican party pamphlet with inflammatory phrases such as “The Stupid Masses of the South” and “Revolution-Peacefully if we can, Violently if we…

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