Civil War And World War I Essay

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He did not foresee north or south to secede would have led to a civil war among regional. I have used in this war - for the first time in modern warfare - some military technology that were not used in previous wars, such as the submarine, armored with iron ships (instead of wood), automatic rifle, balloons exploration, trench warfare, the telegraph and the railway. American Civil War is the largest global wars between the Napoleonic Wars and World War I, the biggest revolution and represent the United States since the era of independence. And economic consequences of this war; that the control of employers and factories have replaced the farmer 's control. In political terms; they have emphasized the control and the presence of one federal government in the United States. But, the humanity; it is the biggest tragedy in the history of the United States.
The problem of separation
South now wanted to exercise their right to secede from the federal union, which had threatened to use it many times in the past. South now lost control of the political parties and thus control over the EU presidency, as it has no control over the federal government 's policy. That was the southern states felt that they should confirm their right to independence from the Union to maintain its economic system, which relies largely on the slavery system.
Secession movement
The Government of South Carolina began to convene a popular conference in the state, called (Secession Law) in December 1860, and…

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