Causes Of The Treaty Of Versaille

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The great world war was a war that was pointless, the war caused conflict to all the countries that participated in the war. World war one caused the death of many people the war killed 2 percent of the world population killing 16.2 million soldiers and civilians. The war also cost more money than any other war, the war lasted July 28, 1914, to November 11, 1918. At the end of the war, treaty of Versaille was made to destroy Germany the treaty is said to be the one that leads to world war 2 the treaty did not really help make peace with all the countries. Us also had key players and nations that had goals throughout the entire war the nations also have failers when trying to end the war in pieces. The Great world war involved 32 different …show more content…
at the end of the war a peace conference was made, in the peace conferences leaders of the allies are issued to create a treaty. At the end of the conferences the treaty of Versailles was made by European leaders the treaty of Versailles was made to set up Germany for destruction, Europe was trying to wipe out Germany from the face of the earth. The treaty of Versailles failed to set its goal eventually leading to the causes of the second world war and the rise of the Nazis, they also failed to follow what the treaty really said. Do the treaty was wrong Woodrow Wilson president of America was willing to accept the treaty of versailles because he wanted the people to accept his 14 points and the league of nations he wanted to create world peace and he wanted to reshape the world. Wilson did present his ideas to America (us) but it was never ratified by the government, on like Wilson people from America new the treaty was wrong causing the public to be furious and outraged at what he did. At the end of the war, there were 16.6 million people killed and 21.1 million wounded, most of the countries where left with only old men and woman, whole new generations were wiped out causing massive destruction in the world. At the end of the war, there was also a celebratory paraded for the soldiers that were in the war, though African Americans fought in the war us did not let them participate in the parade, other countries with African American soldiers did lead all their soldiers to participate. Presidents Wilson wanted world peace by using his knew worlds other at first his new world other was also refused by the people in America(not ratified). Eventually, they did pass the league of nations and some of his 14 points. The league of nations is a collective security its goal is to prevent world wars. Wilson league of nation failed to maintain the peace of the world, the world eventually went to another world

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