Civil War And Medical Technology Essay

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Civil War Medical Technology Civil war medical technology was not very good during the awful war of 1861-1865. With small shanty medical kits that were not adequate for the job that surgeons had ahead of them tools in the medical kit helped transmit diseases that were lethal. Weapons were being engineered to become more lethal and or more painful [also built to explode so it was harder for medical surgeons to save the soldier]. Transportation was also dominant problem that hurt both the Union and Confederacy. Things got progressively better as the civil war moved on. Medical technology was now being acknowledged and being worked on. The path was brighter then ever. Ambulances began to improve significantly, technology improved for the greater of man. If anything the Civil war was an advocate for medical technology to grow and develop. The kindling for new medical technology finally flared. From 1861-1865 technology was not very good. If anything the technology played a major advocate for disease on and off the battlefield. A stifling two-thirds ratio of soldiers, died from disease. Disease such as Typhoid were transmitted easily from unsanitary water and unsanitary field hospitals. Though those were vital and very crucial there was another vital aspect to the killing diseases. It was the medical technology used during/ and post battles. Medical kits were small, simple, yet used on thousands of men. Medical kits included a wide range of cutting tools:…

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